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North American Wiring Accessories offers a high quality and cost effective solution for routing and concealing wiring in control panels, communications closets or other similar applications. Whatever your project requires North American Wiring Accessories offers a large variety of wiring duct sizes to meet your needs. Below are some of the features that are incorporated into all of our 8mm and 4mm wiring duct.

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Wide Finger/Standard Density Duct

Narrow Finger/ High Density Duct

Flexible Duct

• Non-slip covers included

• Wire duct is pre-drilled for easy installation

• Scored for easy removal of sidewall finger

• Parallel holes on both sidewalls for cutting in wire applications

• Flush cover holds 10% more wires

• High impact, self extinguishing, warp-proof PVC

• Made from UL94 V-0 rated PVC

• Normal working temperature: -25°C to 70°C

• Maximum service temperature 85°C

• Can easily be cut to length using a wire duct cutter

• Rounded burr-free edges

• RoHS compliant, lead-free

Test to UL File E144197 up to 50°C


Standard Density MORE Info


High Density MORE Info



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